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2021 New!
2021 New!

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Think as Artist - Creativity


How to think as Artist

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Innovative Method

with Time-Space concept and Visual Art Creativity

Art Elite Center, based in Zurich Switzerland, is the pioneer in cultivating creativity skills and multiple thinking through Art-Integration Method.


Our objectives are to provide state-of-the-art creativity training and workshops to help companies and individuals become more competitive in the eras of digital transformation, AI and big data, and to master opportunities for business growth and personal development.


World-leading organizations such as the World Economic Forum and LinkedIn emphasized that creativity is the most in-demand skill in every company and all industries. Both companies and individual professionals need to improve their innovation and cross-boundary integration capabilities. Creativity is a crucial part of the innovation equation and there is no innovation without creativity.


We have developed inspiring training events for companies and individual professionals, while achieving corporate goals and Diversity & Inclusion. We help people become more creative and innovative in the era of big data and AI!

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Art Creation

Join the inspiring art classes and art events to create your own artworks and develop your creativity

Team High Five

Expand Potentials

Learn creative thinking, design thinking, visual thinking and more models through the art integration process and interdisciplinary

Networking Event

Boost Career

Join international ART ELITE CENTER and expand your career connection and your life panorama 

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Founder of Apple

Intersection of art and technology

Steve Jobs defined himself specifically in terms of art, famously defining Apple's success in this way: "It's in Apple's DNA that technology alone is not enough. It's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing."

Bob Rice, Tangent Capital Partners, in an interview with Bloomberg once spoke of Steve Jobs as "living at the intersection of art and technology".

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Investor and Philanthropist


Multiple models and cross-border thinking

“The first rule is that you've got to have multiple models—because if you just have one or two that you're using, the nature of human psychology is such that you'll torture reality so that it fits your models."

"Most people are trained in one model – economics, for example – and try to solve all problems in one way. You know the old saying: To the man with a hammer, the world looks like a nail. This is a dumb way of handling problems.” 


The greatest scientific discoveries often contains the beauty of order and the beauty of simplicity. And great achievements are also inseparable from the pursuit of beauty. Artistic creation can cultivate your diverse mindset and improve your aesthetics at work and in life.

ART ELITE CENTER developed pioneering method based on interdisciplinary and artistic creation. 

ART ELITE CENTER provides the inspiring training events for companies and individual professionals to help them achieve both business goals and personal development, while enjoying the joy of artistic creation. 


Workshop with VISUAL Goal Setting

  • The “Manage My Goal” helps the managers and leaders to develop goal management skill and to enhance work productivity and motivation.


  • The visual transformation through artistic creation stimulates the brain to focus on the most important tasks. During the learning process, participants can develop goal setting skills, diverse thinking and creative ideas.


Enhance Creativity and Happiness

  • The “Happy Art Class” helps the employee and individual professionals to develop creativity skill and diverse mindsets through happy art creation.


  • “Happy Art Class” can effectively reduce the stress and anxiety and make participants happy, refreshed and energetic. According to neuroscience and art therapy, the pleasant colors stimulate alpha brain waves that boosts creativity and reduce depression.


More Creative & Innovative

  • The workshop “Think as Artist” helps the managers and leaders to develop creative thinking and inspire more meaningful ideas for business growth and product innovation. 


  • The workshop combines business examples and allows learners to apply creativity to their business.

Do you want to think and paint as artist and have fun?
Do you want to develop creativity skill and
multiple thinking?
Are you pursuing a successful and meaningful life?
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In today’s rapidly changing world, the humanistic dimension of education is an essential compass for the future. Creative arts education is increasing recognized as a medium for transmitting these values and skills. Integrating arts education in both formal and non-formal education provides an enriched learning environment, in particular for fostering the creativity skill of the young professionals. 

Let's develop the future skills :-)

Foster creativity, 

Develop multiple thinking,

Expand Imagination,

Improve collaboration